Placing an Order

Due to current demand for Strength Shop Pre-Orders we are only able to bring in products in bulk roughly every 3 months. We understand that this may not be convenient for most but this is the option we went with in order to keep the prices of the products affordable. 

An announcement will be made when Pre-Orders will be open.
If it isn’t currently a Pre-order period you may still place your order with us. We will contact you again once the pre-order period has started, just to check that you are still interested in placing your order with us.

Orders are collected throughout this Pre-order period via email (for now). If you have problems choosing or are not sure what the differences are between products, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help you choose a suitable product for your needs.

During the last week of the pre-orders we will start sending out the total amount due. Only products that are fully paid will be confirmed. Payments that are not completed by the closing date will be removed from the order list.

The products will arrive roughly 2 – 3 weeks after payment is made.

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